Monday, January 5, 2009

Book publicist resolutions

It's 2009, book publicists. And while the rest of the world may resolve to quit smoking, visit the gym every day, or finally start recycling, we've got a whole other set of priorities. So what should our resolutions be?

Over at The Book Publicity Blog, Yen Cheong has given us some great ideas. Here's a sampling:


"Make sure an author’s web presence is established early, as in, by the time galleys are sent to the media (typically four-six months before a book goes on sale). Depending on the author, “web presence” could mean any or all of the following: website, blog, social networking profile, discussion group, wiki, etc. Whatever it is, get it up there ASAP because while you’re dithering over fonts and flash, readers and journalists are out there Googling the book. In this day and age when basic sites can be created in a few minutes for free, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find accurate information about something."


"Use Reply All — when appropriate. We’ve been conditioned to not use Reply All (with good reason). But sometimes, when I email a producer / writer and copy an author (or vice versa) and the contact only responds to me, I’m left simply forwarding the message. Not only is that a waste of my time, but when time is of the essence, it could lead to a missed opportunity."

For more of Yen's spot-on book publicity ideas, read the full post here.

So fellow book publicists, do you have any resolutions to share?

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