Thursday, March 27, 2008

I-report, You-report, We all scream for I-report

I just used CNN's new iReport function for publicity purposes this week, to promote our young star Isamu Fukui, author of Truancy. I stumbled upon it accidentally, while nominating him for CNN's "Young People Who Rock" - and, lo and behold, my pitch showed up on iReport's website. Check it out here:

The site doesn't format your pitch, doing away with well-organized paragraphs and stand-alone sentences - take that, rhetoricians - but it does give you the ability to rate stories and add comments. The Isamu pitch already got one comment and a couple of ratings, so after you check it out, I encourage you to add your 2 cents in. Because after writing a novel in a single summer at the age of 15, Isamu Fukui is definitely a young person who rocks, no?

Here's more about iReport:
"Welcome to a brand new beta site for uncensored, user-powered news. CNN built the tools, you take it from there. All the stories here are user-generated and instant: CNN does not vet or verify their authenticity or accuracy before they post. The ones with the "On CNN" stamp have been vetted and used in CNN news coverage."

Sounds like a good tool for those of us interested in generating more word-of-mouth publicity for our authors and books.

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Blogger Yen said...

Thanks for the tip!

March 27, 2008 at 3:29 PM  

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