Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tweet the Author Recap: The 3-hour tour

Today's highly anticipated 1-hour 'meet the author on Twitter' session became a 3-hour tour of all things Brandon Sanderson. Turnout was record-setting.

Okay, so we're only in our 2nd week of the new weekly series, but we've tested the waters and we're excited to know that the concept has been well-received.

It's doesn't hurt that today's guest was the author of a current NYT bestseller -- an epic fantasy mastermind with a seriously loyal following. Brandon's virtual author appearance went so well in fact, that Twitter just couldn't keep up - it locked him out after exceeding the number of posts allowed in an hour.

He kept a mean pace with the incoming "Tweet the Author" questions and under anther household account, kept chugging along. Last we checked, the party is still in progress at #tweettheauthor. For all you latecomers, it's not too late to jump in & get the scoop on his latest book, Warbreaker.

For a few of the 140 character highlights, read on:

Q: What is the most important part of writing that you have learned to be a successful author?
A: 1) Persistence. 2) Revision. 3) Characters with distinct viewpoints. 4) Use of concrete detail.

Q: Can reveal anything about the setting in Kings?
A: The setting with be the most unique I’ve done. Entirely new ecology.

Q: Now that you've published more, what order should people read your books in? Both Fntsy & non-fntsy readrs
A: Non fantasy readers I’d give Elantris to first. Fantasy readers I’d give Mistborn to

Want to catch up on the rest? Enter #tweettheauthor in your Twitter search box and get comfy. Again, big thanks to Brandon for joining us today!

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