Monday, July 6, 2009

James Frey, Jackie O, MJ and more...

Happy Monday! Here’s a brief round-up of some interesting book-related tidbits from across the web:

-Governor Mark Sanford’s book deal has been canceled for, um, obvious reasons.

-The U. S. Department of Justice is investigating a settlement involving Google Book Search for possible antitrust violations.

-TIME profiles a blog called Awful Library Books that—you guessed it—lists the cheesiest, dated books that can be found at your local library. I think I remember a few of these from the old card catalogue at the Ector County Public Library, myself...

-Also, this isn’t so much breaking news, but still makes me gasp in horror: Director extraordinaire Michael Bay has apparently acquired the rights to an unpublished James Frey novel about teenage aliens. Or something like that. We’re pretty sure this one is fiction this time.

-The Christian Science Monitor’s Chapter & Verse blog posted an entry about authors visiting book clubs as a marketing tool.

-Jackie O and Bobby Kennedy? Torrid affair? You be the judge. This falls under the “We Just Can’t Get Enough Kennedy Family Drama” category.

-Apparently a couple of Chinese writers threw together a biography on Michael Jackson in 48 hours, fewer than 10 days after his death. After all, who could be a better authority on MJ than two guys in China who "never met or interviewed Jackson" but wrote the book based on their "accumulated knowledge about the king of pop." Put my copy in the mail.

-And I agree with this post about keeping the sex out of Harry Potter films. Leave the steamy scenes and romance to Twilight!


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