Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How join the "Tweet the Author" discussion with Andy Andrews

It has been about a week since we announced the first "Tweet the Author" chat with Andy Andrews, which will take place tomorrow on Twitter from 1-2 PM CST and we are excited about the initial reaction.

This is a fairly new concept and we have since received a few questions (even from experienced tweeters) on how to join in on the discussion with Andy.

Here is a step-by-step guide to taking part in the discussion tomorrow:

- To join in on the live discussion with Andy on Wed afternoon, you will need to have a Twitter account.

- Log into your account at 1 PM CST and type in #thenoticer in the right hand search column.

- Once you do that and hit enter, it will bring up the live discussion with Andy and you can view recent questions from readers and Andy's answers.

- To refresh the discussion, type in #thenoticer in the right hand search column again and hit enter or refresh your page.

- To ask a question or make a comment, simply type out your tweet and add the #thenoticer hashtag to the end (this essentially identifies your tweet as part of this specific discussion), refresh the search and it will show up in the live chat.

If you have any questions or issues joining the chat, please contact me at rshelton@phenixpublicity.com or DM us @PhenixandPhenix.

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