Friday, April 10, 2009

Take me back to Manhattan: Jack Ford's book launch recapped

This week, I had the wonderful privilege of attending Jack Ford's book launch for his new book, "The Osiris Alliance" (Ovation Books, April 2009). Held at the prestigious Yale Club in NYC, the event was a great success and those in attendance were truly genuine in the regard they held for Jack. Many may recognize Jack as the former chief legal correspondent for NBC News, but let me briefly give some background:

Jack is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television news anchor and former trial lawyer. Since becoming a journalist, he has served as an anchor and correspondent for NBC News, ABC News and Court TV. He is recognized as one of the top legal journalists in America and currently co-anchors TruTv’s “In Session.” A graduate of Yale University, where he is currently a visiting professor, and the Fordham University School of Law, Ford has also been the recipient of a number of honorary degrees, recognizing his professional accomplishments and his extensive public service work.

For all of his accomplishments he is quite the gentleman, refreshingly humble and truly a one-of-a-kind guy. The trip to New York was a whirlwind. I flew in and caught a cab into the city on Tuesday afternoon. The event was that evening and right around the corner from my hotel and Grand Central Station.

Numerous friends, family and colleagues were in attendance to support and celebrate Jack and “The Osiris Alliance,” some of which included Dan Abrams, NBC News chief legal correspondent, Ashleigh Banfield, “In Session” anchor, Katie Couric, “CBS Evening News” anchor, and Jamie Floyd, “In Session” anchor. I was pleased to meet Jack’s wife, Dorothy, and his extended truTV family. Jack signed copies of “The Osiris Alliance,” told his story about how John Grisham pulled him aside and told him to just write the book and posed for pictures with friends and family.

I flew back to Austin the next day and was surprised to see snow flurries on my trek back to JFK. Snow in April was a big deal to this Texas girl!

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