Friday, April 3, 2009

Mt. Hermon Conference: Day 1

As some of you have read on Twitter, I'm participating in the Mt. Hermon Writers Conference this weekend. It is one of the most well-regarded writers conferences in the country and takes place just outside of San Jose, CA, in the middle of an amazing redwood forest and I'm honored to be on the faculty this year.

After arriving yesterday, I had a conference call with the Thomas Nelson team about Andy Andrews' new book, The Noticer, and the grassroots movement born from it, The Noticer Project. More about The Noticer Project when it launches on Tuesday, April 7th but I will say that this is a book that is going to turn a lot of heads. Andy is a tremendous author and world-renowned speaker and I think The Noticer is his most important (and best) work yet.

Once I arrived at Mt. Hermon, I had some free time and thought it would be cool to sit underneath a few redwoods and work on my presentation. I was feeling very Californian until out of nowhere a massive branch dove out of one of the trees and crashed onto the sidewalk next to me. Hmm--maybe the coffee house instead?

I have gotten a bit of work done but have spent most of my time connecting with friends and discussing the publishing industry. CBE has been a big topic and most have an opinion on what should have been done differently. I think the consensus is that at its core it was a good idea and there's probably a way to make it work in the future.

Last night at the faculty introductions someone stood up and tongue-in-cheeked on how static the industry has been for the past few year--"nothing's changing, y'all." Right, nor in print media or investment banking...

It really summed up the mood of many I've talked to--from the Kindle 2 to consolidation to layoffs to other financial woes--our industry is changing at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up. With so much noise, this conference is a refreshing opportunity to get back to what we all love about what we do--helping good books find readers.

Mt. Hermon Quick Hits

  • Rachel Williams and Dave Talbot have done a tremendous job so far with this event--both hold up to their great reputations.

  • I just had a chance to see Anita Higman's new book, Love Finds You in Humble, TX, and it looks very impressive. Kudos to Summerside Press for a great cover.

  • Mary E. DeMuth has a new novel out called Daisy Chain that is getting some very good buzz.

  • I had a great conversation with the always charming Brandilyn Collins last night and enjoyed hearing more about her soon-to-be released novel, Exposure.
  • I enjoyed meeting Bruce W. Martin yesterday and hearing more about his speaking and forthcoming book, Your Perfect Storm.

Although I'm thrilled to be at Mt. Hermon, I am bummed to be missing what should be a very fun wedding tomorrow. Our manager of media relations, Stephanie Mayabb, is getting married tomorrow to Jeremy Ridge in Austin. Congrats to them both--a great couple starting what should be an awesome journey.

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