Friday, February 20, 2009

Lois Lane, meet new media

A new study released today by PWR News Media reveals some interesting tidbits (what we've been thinking all along) when it comes to the revolution of the traditional newsroom.

MSBNC reports findings of the study from the Chicago-based e-marketing firm, highlighting that:
  • 60% of journalists now contribute to a blog or other online site.
  • 39% of those just moved to online methods of reporting in the last year, 71% in the past two years
  • Job cuts play a major role in the added online responsibilities of journalists these days, as most papers no longer differentiate between web and print reporters.
  • Traditional press kits are also adapting to the changing landscape as 89% of journalists prefer email as the primary means for receiving pitches and press releases, and almost just as many want images with those releases.
The media relations industry industry blog maintained by Cision commented on the study as well, reminding PR pros to think like journalists, especially in light of the fact that even the old school now works within the parameters of the desktop.

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