Wednesday, February 18, 2009 posted a fun list today on the Nine SciFi Books That Deserve to be Films, and one of our favorite science fiction scribes we’ve worked with—space expert and Mars Life author Ben Bova—made the #1 spot! (Though he might have a word with the site's editors over the term "sci-fi" vs. "science fiction." But that's another blog post for another day...)

Part of Gawker’s family of sites, is definitely one of my go-to outlets for all–things sci-fi and pop culture (okay—in other words, geek).

Along with other fan favorites like USA Today’s Pop Candy (missed your posts last week, Whitney!) and Ain’t It Cool News, being featured on one of these sites is the ultimate in publicity for a science fiction or fantasy author looking for some cred.

Not only do they feature geek-friendly news roundups and reviews, but they also foster a sense of community through the comment sections below every post. For example, the article I linked to above was posted just this morning and currently has 67 pages of comments below it. That’s a lot of discussion over nine sci-fi books, folks. And they’re just getting started.

Some might think publicizing genre fiction is more difficult than other types of books, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The trick is knowing where your audience is. I’d be willing to bet sci-fi and fantasy readers are searching for cool new books on their most trusted websites, not the printed pages of a book review section.

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