Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Publicity Week Starts Today

We have been invited to guest post all week long over on Lisa Tener's blog in what is being called "Book Publicity Week."

This is going to be an informative course on the ins and outs of literary publicity and will be a good fit for authors looking to learn more about the role they can play in the publicity process.

Lisa is a former P&P client and a fellow faculty member at the Harvard Publishing Course and she has a great blog on the writing and publishing process.

Our publicity team will be answering questions in the comments section of each post this week, so bring any questions that you may have.

Here is what the week will look like:

Monday: Why Publicity Is Your New Best Friend

- 5 reasons publicity is critical to your career as an author
- Pros and Cons of each media format
- Extra credit: A three part series prepping you for talk shows

Tuesday: The Publicity 411: What to know before getting started

- How to develop a cohesive publicity strategy
- Why it is important to build your platform beyond the book
- Extra credit: Your media relationships: publicity from the media’s perspective

Wednesday: Pitches and press releases: How to get the word out about your book

- The anatomy of a press kit
- How to craft a pitch for various types of media
- Extra credit: Honing your media instincts

Thursday: Avoiding foot-in-mouth moments: How to rock your interviews

- Do’s and Don’ts for each media format
- Examples of media breeding more media thanks to great author interviews
- Extra credit: The art of the pre-interview

Friday: Social Media and Beyond: Why you must join the movement and where to start

- What is social media and where do I start?
- Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and beyond
- Extra credit: Video killed the radio star (and created the book star) and What authors can learn from band promotion (hint: social media!)

We hope to see you over there!

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