Friday, August 1, 2008

Nice hit, Tyndale

Corporate PR doesn't get a whole lot better than this.

The publicity team at Tyndale House, one of the leading Christian publishing houses in the country, deserves some big time credit for the glowing feature story that ran this week in The New York Times. It was wonderful publicity because it provided exposure on a number of different levels:

1. It promotes one of Tyndale's lead fall titles. The article leads with coverage of The Winner's Manual, written by Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, which currently sits at #3 on The New York Times “advice, how-to and miscellaneous” bestseller list.

2. It provides backlist promotion for the two other gridiron titles that Tyndale has had on the Times bestseller list in the past twelve months, Quiet Strength and Don't Bet Against Me!

3. It is a tremendous brand-builder for Tyndale House as a publisher. Though the article is focused on their recent gridiron success, Julie Bosman uses a lot of ink on Tyndale House's history and success stories across all genres.

4. It provides exposure for an entire industry. Not only was this article a great piece for Tyndale, but it also provided great attention for a number of other Christian publishers including Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, both of whom also do a wonderful job of landing titles on the Times list. Bosman even goes out of her way to talk about advantages that authors get when choosing to publish with Christian publishers. Frankly, based on recent general market success stories from across this industry, I think that such a label is becoming less and less relevant.

Needless to say, feature stories on this level are not easy to book and I have seen few that were as powerful as this one.

Congrats to Todd, Maria, Kathy and the entire publicity team at Tyndale for a wonderful booking!

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