Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Talk Show High School

AOL Television's widely publicized poll is making the rounds through the internet. We thought we'd provide a quick rundown of winners: yearbook style.

Best All-Around

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

Best Hair

(Anyone else noticing a common thread?)

And finally...

Least Sexy

But we still love ya, Larry!

Other results? Diane Sawyer was voted the television host most likely to make a good president, topping Jon Stewart and Oprah, who tied. What a cabinet that would make!

See full results here.

For those of us in book publicity, the changing demographics dictating daytime TV are always going to affect our business. We would do well to take cues from the TV titans that are increasing their audiences. Is Ellen the new Oprah? Is her dancing the new "remembering your spirit?" What's driving the legions of viewers out there who are attracted to ladies like Ellen, Diane, and Kelly (besides blonde-highlight-aficionados)?

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