Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolution Roll-Call

If the swelling crowds at my gym are any indication, it seems that many Americans are resolving to get healthy in 2008. Big shocker there. But me? That’s a different story. I spent the better part of New Year’s Day ‘08 defiantly rejecting any “notion” of “resolution.” Who needs the gym when you’ve got pizza? Who needs to catch up on Faulkner classics when you’ve got 24 reruns?

I was intrigued, however, by this bit of research from The New York Times, released on New Year’s Day. Apparently, people with regrets about their lives are less happy.

Here’s a taste:

“The ideal New Year’s Eve party would come with a psychological voucher, redeemable the next day for a post-mortem session with friends. A chance to relish the night’s humiliations, take bets on who went home with whom, and nominate the guest most in need of therapy, present company included.

An opportunity, that is, to forestall the traditional morning-after descent into self-examination, that lonely echo chamber of what should and could be.”

Should be. Could be. Those words do smack of regret, don’t they? Sometimes, all you need is a good dose of judgment from The New York Times. I went to the gym that night.

With that in mind, the staff of Phenix & Phenix is eschewing regrets for resolve in 2008. Before you, an informal survey of New Year’s resolutions from our very own publicists. At the top of the resolution list? Quality reading, of course.

Rusty Shelton

BOOK in ’08: No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy

“I'm going to go with the pop culture flow and read No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy this year. I need to see the movie too.”

Rusty also resolves to…

Buy less coffee and play more golf. I also need to supply GalleyCat and Gawker with less hits.

Katie Andrews

BOOK in ’08: Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy

“I resolve to read Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy: All the Pretty Horses, The Crossing and Cities on the Plain. It'll probably take me until next January.”

Katie also resolves to…

Run in my first 5K this year. I always make this a goal, but I've never followed through on it. This year I WILL.”

Stephanie Mayabb

Book in ’08: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

“I really want to read Love in the Time of Cholera, but not because the recent motion picture is nominated for a Golden Globe. Nope, I owe my inspiration to a little '01 sleeper with John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale, Serendipity.”

Stephanie also resolves to…

Live more green. I've held this belief that because I'm just one person, that my footstep on the environment wasn't meaningful or one of impact. But I'm throwing that school of thought out the window. I started last week with canvas grocery bags. Baby steps, right?”

Amber Childres

BOOK in ’08: More non-fiction

“Nothing specific, but I do want to read more non-fiction. I'd like to read some new political books/biographies to get in gear for the 2008 election.”

Amber also resolves to…

"Start back up with my old hobbies - dance and piano. I hope to regularly attend dance classes this year, and re-teach myself how to play the piano. I already bought an electric keyboard for Christmas, so let’s just hope I can still squeeze into my old ballet tights!”

Tolly Moseley

BOOK in ’08: The Revolution Will be Accessorized by Aaron Hicklin, ed.

“I have a copy of The Revolution Will be Accessorized by Aaron Hicklin, ed. that I haven’t read yet. It’s a collection of essays from writers like Augusten Burroughs (writing on Christmas with his mother), Meghan Daum (writing on L.A. bourgeois), etc.

Tolly also resolves to…

Get more sleep. I really take sleep for granted – there’s too much stuff I want to do at night. But more energy and a healthier body will help facilitate my other New Year’s resolutions – like taking fire dancing lessons.”

Cody Goehring

BOOK in ’08: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

“I resolve to read The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. As morbid as it sounds to read about what would happen to the world if all humans suddenly disappeared, I'm curious to find out if the world presented by the movie I Am Legend is accurate.”

Cody also resolves to…

Watch less ESPN and more CNN. I also resolve to use the Internet more for learning new and interesting things instead of watching grainy videos of some unfortunate skater falling down three flights of cement stairs after failing some stunt he had no business attempting.”

Amy Currie

BOOK in ’08: On the Road by Jack Kerouac

I'd like to re-read On the Road this year, just to see if I like it any better than I did when I first read it years ago. My hopes aren't that high, though, which is why I guess I haven't been motivated re-read it yet.

Amy also resolves to…

Just keep being awesome. As far as resolutions go, a friend of mine and I decided this would be it. Because that's what we are: awesome. To more of the same!”

Shelby Sledge

BOOK in ’08: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Shelby also resolves to…

Work on my posture. The women in my family have long had terrible posture. I grew up listening to my mom constantly remind me to stand up straight. Well, maybe to rid myself of having to hear her say this every time I visit her or maybe just because I really want to do better at this, I am resolving to work on my posture. Prepare those stacks of books for me to balance!”


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