Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

We’re making a list
checking it twice
gonna find out who’s naughty or nice

Before I start handing out Christmas goodies, let me take a minute to wish everyone Happy Holidays. We hope that all of our readers have a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to a fantastic 2008! Our blog will be going on hiatus until the first week of January so that we can all take a much needed break.

In the spirit of annual year in review feature stories that are likely already running in your local papers, we decide to hand out some presents for media members that stood out for being naughty or nice this year.

Who is getting coal?

- Katie Couric for moving to CBS Evening News. Katie: we miss your unnatural but refreshing early morning cheer!

- The writers currently striking from our favorite sitcoms: Does "24" really refer to months? Didn't think so. Soon "Lost" will be a lost cause...

- Sports reporters who blamed Jessica Simpson for Tony Romo's poor performance against the Eagles last week: we know you just wanted an excuse to show her picture on the air.

- Book reviewers that write book "reviews" without reading the book. 75% of you say it's unethical but sometimes we wonder.

- Stephen Colbert for dropping his bid for the White House. So much for that I Am America thing.

- Conde Nast for canning JANE Magazine. Thanks, but we don't want Glamour subscriptions instead.

- The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and countless other papers for cutting their book review sections.

Who is getting a full stocking?

- Regis Philbin: thanks for 20 years of great programming!

- Oprah Winfrey, who started a Leadership Academy for girls in South Africa. Nice work O!

- OK! Magazine. They've certainly surged to the top of the "tabloid elites" after launching state-side just one year ago.

- NPR for declining interviews with both President Bush and Senator Clinton because they were trying to control the interview by specifying the interviewer and the questions to be asked.

- Steve Wasserman, former editor of The Los Angeles Times' book review section, for lobbying to keep book review sectiosn and not cater to the advertising and marketing department by only reviewing best sellers.

- The expanding network of bloggers who write reviews for quality books from new authors. This was perhaps the most significant trend for authors in 2007.


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