Monday, August 27, 2007

Give Your Book a Face

Simply put, social networking sites are self-promotion at its finest. You create an account, give it a face by selecting the best picture ever taken of yourself, highlight your interests and personality by carefully constructed/witty statements, boost your perceived popularity by adding as many friends as possible and post updates about the fabulous goings-on in your fabulous life.

So it was only a matter of time before social networking sites became a hotbed for business professionals to connect…and authors should hop on the bandwagon. It’s time to give your book a face.

This is a critical period for books; the rise of literary social networks is happening at a time when the review sections of some newspapers, particularly in the U.S., are starting to shrink. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace can provide endless opportunities for you to promote your book and spread your message.

A primary reason authors should look into such opportunities is to directly and instantly connect with their existing audience, and reach out to thousands of potential readers. While it's common procedure for authors to hire web designers to create sites dedicated to their books, social networking sites offer an easy (not to mention free) alternative to keep fans in the loop. You can join an online book club, create your own Q&A forum, meet up with fellow authors and post your op-eds as well as any upcoming book events! It’s also a great place to include radio and TV interviews.

Since you’re reading this blog, you must be somewhat savvy on the inner workings of the web, so I challenge you to make your presence known!


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